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Costly ballot measures pose risk to US state budgets

NEW YORK (AP) - Before the financial crisis unfolded, voters and officials in states across the United States placed proposals on their November ballots that would slash taxes and spend millions of dollars on new programs.


NFOs expected to get 10 special draws this year

Analysts expect 10 special draws to be approved for each gaming company in the first quarter this year although number forecast operators (NFOs) are still working through their respective 10 special draws approved last October.


Hyundai CEO: Petrol tax may ease consumer uncertainty

NEW YORK: Consumers remain skittish about buying new cars not just because gas (petrol) is getting more expensive, but because they have no idea which direction prices will go next, said Hyundai's top U.S. executive, calling for a flexible gas tax designed to keep pump prices stable.


Rein in expenses before implementing GS tax

THE final straight for Budget 2010 is around the corner and as usual, the familiar drum beat for tax cuts and all sorts of tax breaks and reforms is heard both near and far.


The Tobin tax revisited

The eventual outcome of the tax is still uncertain.


Is tax amnesty on the cards in M'sia?

AS we await the 2011 budget to be announced by the Finance Minister in late October, the season for speculation is already upon us. The answer to the question posed could well be yes if we recognise that governments of all kinds have frequently turned to tax amnesties as part of their fiscal policies.


SP downgrades Japan's debt rating

TOKYO: Japan#8217;s sovereign credit rating was downgraded to i>AA- /i>by Standard and Poor#8217;s, the same level as China, on concern that Prime Minister Naoto Kan hasn#8217;t done enough to curb the world#8217;s largest debt load.


Costlier oil means higher subsidies

PETALING JAYA: While the Government stands to gain more revenue from a higher price of crude oil, subsidies would also correspondingly increase if higher energy costs are not passed on to consumers.


Recession hits transit budgets despite rising need in US

BOSTON: Cash-strapped and debt-ridden, public transit systems across America are trimming service, raising fares and postponing badly needed upgrades just to maintain daily operations, even as rising gas prices increase demand and experts call modernization critical to cities' futures.


Smaller QE3 may be necessary to prevent US double dip recession

PETALING JAYA: With the US economy possibly sliding into a double dip recession soon, there are expectations of a third round of quantitative easing (QE3), which may involve smaller amounts.