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BBQ tips: 7 ways to grill your food a little more healthily

Grilling may seem like a healthy way to cook your food, but it risks exposing you to carcinogenic compounds created by the grilling process.


Hassle free healthy meals with Cubie Oven

With the latest version of Panasonic’s Cubie Oven (NU-SC300BMPQ), you do not have to sacrifice your time or health anymore, as it not only cooks faster than before but is also a healthy way of cooking too.


Curious Cook: Facing up to climate change

Humans will have to face up to the realities of climate change as things like global warming and the effects of raising livestock.


Stunting in children still a problem in Malaysia

If not fixed before the age of two, the effects of stunting, which affects one-fifth of Malaysian children under the age of five, will become irreversible.


The tales of the bland diet and the eating well obsession

Nutritionist Barbara Quinn tackles two different dietary issues: following a bland diet and obsessing over the quality of your food.

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How Korean fried chicken become so popular

Korean fried chicken has become incredibly popular since it was first introduced in South Korea in the 1990s with many Korean fried chicken outlets now popular in Malaysia.


How to boost immunity and prevent yourself from falling ill

Influenza in all forms fuelled by lack of exercise, sleep deprivation and increased stress weakens the body but you can minimise falling sick by boosting your immune system.

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Home cook Ellen Wong still makes the Chinese food she learnt in the 1950s

Home cook Ellen Wong still makes the traditional Chinese food she learnt from her mother in the 1950s, like poached chicken, old cucumber soup and hairy gourd with glass noodles.


What a fabulous farm life in Serendah, Selangor

About 40 minutes away from Kuala Lumpur in Serendah, is a kampung-style retreat great for staycations and escaping the city life.


IBD can be difficult to diagnose due to vague symptoms

Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is an autoimmune condition that affects the gut, producing symptoms that are similar to many other gut conditions.