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Stop buying pangolin scales – you’re killing them off

The pangolin species is being decimated by the demand for its scales, yet there are alternatives that are safer and not as harmful to the planet's threatened species.


11 black rhinos died & no one knows who's to blame

The massive failure of the tanslocation exercise is just one sign of the beginning 'a very, very dark time for Kenya' and its wildlife.


You don’t want to mess with stingrays

Polka dot stingrays may look pretty and harmless but their stings can cause excruciating pain.

Food News

Cooking the Books: Better ways to live and eat

From plant-based diets to quick Italian meals, check out cookbooks that make your life easier and could help you live longer.

Food News

Creative one-dish meals for two from home cook Elaine Chiou

Inventive home cook Elaine Chiou makes use of ingredients in her pantry to come up with daily meals for her and her husband.

Asia & Oceania

India's Kaziranga National Park, where the wildlife roam freely

For a closer look at beautiful beasts like elephants, Bengal tigers and the almost extinct one-horned rhinos, consider a trip to the Kaziranga National Park in India.


Researcher offers key facts towards Borneon banteng conservation in Sabah

A Yayasan Sime Darby scholar, Lim Hong Ye, spent three years doing research and surveys on bantengs that will contribute to the Bornean Banteng Action Plan, which aims to protect the endangered species.


MEME project finds ways for Malaysia to coexist with Asian elephants

A special project called MEME aims to find a way to co-exist peacefully with our endangered Asian elephants, who play an important role in the ecosystem.


Horror show continues with Donald Trump’s elephant trophies

The Trump administration has quietly decided to allow Americans to import the body parts of African elephants shot for sport. Trump’s two adult sons are trophy hunters.


These animal snares are both cruel and criminal

Lots of wire traps just lie in the jungle for animals, waiting to chew off limbs or inflict a slow, painful death.