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Bangsar Boy going places with articles in new book

KUALA LUMPUR: For the past 10 years, Niki Cheong’s popular column The Bangsar Boy has entertained and illuminated many readers of The Star newspaper.


10 years of The Bangsar Boy in a book

Journalist and lecturer Niki Cheong’s column compilation is a tribute to family and nation.


Looking back on a decade of writing

IT IS hard to believe that it has been more than 10 years since this column appeared in the pages of StarMetro. The Bangsar Boy was a small idea that was born over (possibly) sirap ais and karipap, when I was telling my then-editor stories about mum’s obsession with computer games.


Looking forward through reflection

Bangsar Boy - Niki Cheong A COUPLE of days ago, I got a notification from Facebook about an end-of-the-year video package they had put together capturing the best moments of my 2016.


Get up and do something

Bangsar Boy By NIKI CHEONG Sitting back and feeling victimised or helpless is no way to make a change


Minding the language of politics

FOLLOWING the US election results the past week, I’ve been having many conversations with friends and family with regards to Hillary Clinton’s defeat to Donald Trump.


Break free from your smartphone

By Niki Cheong - Bangsar Boy THE other day, I saw a meme on my Facebook timeline, which asked: “When was the last time you said ‘BRB’?”


Taking gambling out of the game

Bangsar Boy - By NIKI CHEONG
Company and camaraderie at mah-jong session more important than winning money.


Letting youths step out of their comfort zone

Bangsar boy - By Niki Cheong
Allowing young people to lead their own lives helps their self-discovery process.


When was the last time you spoke to your local fireman or news vendor?

KLectingStories honours the hardworking people who work to keep KL running