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Hunt for the Playmate

Getting paid to scrutinise naked women was the last resort of a desperate man looking for a job. An author who wrote about his conflicted six months on a I>Playboy/Ibus talks to LIBBY COPELAND.


Activating Brain Before Mouth

PERCHANCE have you ever been guilty of this, making some rash statement or doing some spur-of-the-moment act that later came back to haunt you?


Gifted young gun

Meet Malaysia#8217;s new Scrabble sensation Aaron Chong who, in less than a year, has catapulted to the fifth position in the national rankings.


A satisfying meal in itself

DON#8217;T wish too hard. Your wish might just be come true. At least it happened for Dave Harding, a hip and cool music journalist in Mike Gayle#8217;s I>Dinner for Two/I>.


Goat, sheep, ram - which is it?

PHILIP GOLINGAI is goaded into finding out which animal the Chinese New Year is supposed to herald and why the confusion.


Famous bucks and does

Here are some famous persons born in the Year of the Goat.


Whale of a story

HOOI YOU CHING learns from radio deejays Fly Guy and Li#8217;l Kev the power of beer and why we should take lots of underwear with us when we travel.


A mother's descent into Alzheimer's



Voice for the Natives

A native American, he was raised on a reservation, where his family still lives. Taught by Jesuits, he became a songwriter, comedian, poet and filmmaker and was hailed as one of the best young American novelists. His work subverts ideas of the nobly suffering Indian and often presents the hard reality of urban life. DUNCAN CAMPBELL reports.


Own ma'am and maid

Though she is surrounded by maids, B. LING would rather be her own maid than be involved in one of those horror stories about such hired hands.