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Unhappy over unfair competition



Positive impact of video games

EVEN as video games come under scrutiny for potential harmful impact, researchers and developers are touting digital games for positive effects on health, learning and other social goals.


Russian focus on training young athletes now

RUSSIA will be among the favourites to top the medal table at its home World Championships in August, largely because of a strong athletics team, that it has managed to preserve after the fall of the Soviet Union.


Eligible students should vote

I AM indeed happy to note that tertiary students are being encouraged to go home and vote in the 13th General Elections, as was published in StarEducate on April 21.


Hope beyond prison walls

Innocent victims of their mothers' misconduct, they could have ended up on the streets, but these children have been given a headstart in life, thanks to the vision and selfless deeds of one woman.


Thank you Sir!

THERE are some teachers who leave a lasting impression on us. For me, it was a tall, handsome man with a booming voice.


Agent of change

A former corporate high-flyer is in a hurry to transform and see progress in a remote Indian village where she is ‘headman’.


The ‘explosive’ one

“OK class. Let’s blow up this lab!” Puan Yeoh’s loud voice trumpeted over us as we bent over our apparatus.


Strict and caring

MY favourite teacher is Puan Anaziah. She was my class


The epitome of knowledge and truth

MY ENGLISH teacher “Sir” Noor Hamissham Baharrom is one person whom I greatly admire.