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A green World Cup with Yingli

Zero-carbon commercial displays at stadiums and under Football For Hope campaign.


Biking hazards

SCIENTISTS last week pointed the finger at two-stroke scooters, a ubiquitous sight in developing countries, for massively contributing to local air pollution.


Natural buffers for coastlines

Reefs are cheaper than concrete to protect coastal areas.


Scientists race to breed heat-resistant livestock

Heat-tolerant breeds of farm animals will be essential to feeding the world as climate change takes hold.


Ocean acidification eats away at tiny sea creatures

Souring seas caused by carbon dioxide emissions are dissolving a vital part of the ocean food web.


Store rain in your garden

A rain garden captures stormwater and lets it flow back into the soil.


Rat poison: It kills more than rodents

Household rat poison linked to death and disease in wildlife.


Ethanol creates more bad air: study

A study in Sao Paulo, Brazil, has found more ozone in the local environment as more drivers use ethanol, although the opposite was predicted.


Risk of extinction for monarch butterflies

Do monarchs butterflies' woes signal broader problems?


Sun bears: At home in the forest

At a rescue facility in Sabah, sun bears, once kept in cramped cages, now get to live the way they were meant to.