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Size doesn't matter

Fixating on lengthy issues is a pointless exercise.

Shame within a marriage

Shortened intervals of foreplay and intercourse can affect marital bliss.

Hope after miscarriage

According to studies, women who had repeated miscarriages can have still have a healthy baby in the future.

Sex after heart surgery

Heart patients may encounter problems in their sexual performance following major operations.

Sex after giving birth

Mother Teresa once said: “Love begins by taking care of the closest ones- the ones at home.” I absolutely agree with this philosophy.

A common problem

Testicular pain in men is not as uncommon as one would think

Of testicular pain

Chronic testicular pain could be hard to treat.

Declining sexual climax

What are the reasons for decrease in the intensity of climax?

Itchy Balls

Can you please tell me what can be the causes of my itchy balls?

Nipple stimulation and sex

Nipple stimulation is a common, but less talked about mode of human sexual practice either by itself or as part of sexual experience with a partner and engorged nipples are typically prominent indicator of female sexual arousal.