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A tech boom in Pittsburgh brings hope and angst

The city of Pittsburgh, the one-time steel capital that's long been a symbol of Rust-Belt decline, is emerging as a vibrant hub for artificial intelligence, robotics and biomedical companies eager to tap a rich talent pool.


Overweight kids can slim down using videogames

Obese kids may be able to drop weight with the help of an unlikely aid: videogames.


‘Electronic skin’ developed at Johns Hopkins allows amputees to feel sensations in prosthetic hands

When Gyorgy Levay lost parts of all four extremities, including most of his left arm, to meningitis in 2010, he resolved to make the best of a bad situation.


Shapeshifting minibots printed with 3D ‘ink’

Engineers have created a soft, malleable 3D “ink” to print devices that can roll, jump, even grasp objects at the wave of a magnet, they said on June 13.


Artificial mole could warn of cancer: study

Swiss scientists have developed an experimental skin implant that darkens like a mole when it detects subtle changes in the body that may be an early warning sign of cancer.


That couch potato at his game console? He might be making millions

Think twice before scoffing at someone who sits much of each day playing videogames. It might be that the gamer is engaged in a career. Even a lucrative one.


Diabetes devices move from painful fingerpricks to slick tech

Diabetes devices may be having their iPhone moment.


Small consumer drones unlikely to cause head injury, study says

The small, popular drones flooding the commercial market are unlikely to cause severe head injuries if they fall out of the sky and strike people, a new study has concluded.


Cheap 3D printed prosthetics could be game changer for Nepal

Ram’s new hand was manufactured on a 3D printer in Nepal’s capital for just US$30 (RM128), an innovation that could be a game changer for many in the impoverished Himalayan country.


Virtual reality may soon help your overcome your fear of spiders

Scientists and technicians are working on a high-tech cure for the age-old fear of spiders. The idea is to make exposure therapy simpler by using virtual reality eliminating the need for actual spiders to confront patients with.