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Muay Thai can make women stronger, says schoolteacher turned coach Gracie Hee

Gracie Hee says that she won't freak out and panic if she were put in a dangerous situation because she knows she has the ability to protect herself, thanks to Muay Thai. She knows how to stay calm and think of a solution. Muay Thai training has improved her reflexes, agility and stamina.

Yearender2018: Let the games begin

Badminton athlete Lee Chong Wei, figure skater Julian Yee, Harimau Malaya FC, bowling champ Rafiq Ismail, bodybuilder Lilian Tan, cyclist Azizulhasni Awang, and more!

Hendri Take's journey from shy boy to yoga teacher

Hendri Take has it all – looks, talent, personality – so it’s hard to imagine he was once painfully shy. Though he enjoys cooking, yoga gives him gratification and peace.

Fixing the heart of the matter with fish oil

More Malaysians are dying of a broken heart than cancer. But a diet of Omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil could usher your body towards better health.

Getting support from fellow cancer survivors and caregivers

A nose cancer survivor who remembers how tough it was during his cancer treatment, sets up a support group with his wife to help their fellow survivors and caregivers.

Normah Nordin: Arts activist, teacher, badminton ace & Granny Green Nose

The many faces of Normah Nordin

National athlete Intan Serah scores with 'Gol & Gincu. Vol 2'

The national futsal player makes her film debut with Gol & Gincu, Vol. 2, and even contributes to the film’s soundtrack.

For better or for worse: Loving someone with dementia

Alzheimer’s disease exerts a heavy toll on patients and their loved ones. Support services and education to help families cope are urgently needed.

The Asian Games matter because they tell the world about uniquely Asian stories of triumph and loss

The 18th edition of the Asian Games, which ended in Indonesia on Sept 2, was once again a vital platform for continental skill.