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People want autonomous cars to save young, not old people if forced

If you want to stay safe in the future when self-driving cars are commonplace, walk in groups and don't be old. A study on the programming of autonomous cars gives a revealing look at human ethics.


A future without parking: The benefits of autonomous cars for cities

Researchers predict that autonomous cars will drastically reduce the numbers of cars that crowd our cities by shrinking the amount of space that's needed to park them.


CES 2017: Hyundai eyes autonomous cars for the masses

Hyundai’s Ioniq draws little attention as it manoeuvres the streets of Las Vegas.


Can FASTR speed up consumer confidence in autonomous cars?

Self-driving vehicles will remain a technological curiosity unless consumers can be convinced they're safe from hackers as well as simply safe on the road.


Chipmaker Nvidia's CEO sees fully autonomous cars within four years

Nvidia Corp chief executive Jensen Huang said artificial intelligence would enable fully automated cars within four years, but sought to tamp down expectations for a surge in demand for its chips from cryptocurrency miners.


In Oakland, hackers race DIY autonomous cars – and it may revolutionise your ride

With cameras that let them see and sophisticated software telling them where to go, these mini self-driving cars could help democratise the burgeoning autonomous car industry.


Autonomous cars’ biggest roadblock are drivers afraid to let go

Davy Andrews is so adept at technology that he’s become the de facto IT troubleshooter in his office. But there’s one bit of tech he won’t touch: self-driving cars.


Don't fear autonomous cars: report envisions self-driving adoption over decades

Even though Volvo, BMW and Nissan are all committed to delivering self-driving production cars by 2020, car-fearing consumers have plenty of time to overcome their anxieties.


Jaguar Land Rover to test over 100 autonomous cars in Britain by 2020

Britain's biggest carmaker said it will create a fleet of more than 100 research vehicles over the next four years to test autonomous and connected technology.