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Books 30 Aug 2016 | 1:47 PM

Review: Frankly Speaking by Musa Hitam

‘Frankly Speaking’ strikes a statesmanlike posture – of a man given to public service and averse to selfish gain.

Lifestyle 17 May 2016 | 6:01 AM

Palm oil industry veteran Uncle Boon keeps on learning

Datuk Boon Weng Siew, once a respected industry campaigner and spokesman for the plantation industry.

Viewpoints 01 May 2016 | 11:55 AM

Turning point that shaped Malaysia’s race-based politics

Dzof Azmi points out that politics is racial because policies are race-based. That may have made sense when it was about citizenship for non-Malays, but does it have to be the case now?

Books 01 Apr 2016 | 7:00 AM

Former newsman writes a frank book about former PM

The Malaysia That Could Be by Kalimullah Hassan discusses the Abdullah Badawi years and what could have been.

Viewpoints 20 Dec 2015 | 6:15 AM

Freedom to discuss, debate religious ideas and beliefs

The assumption that people are dangerous because they disagree with you is the root of humanity’s failings.

People 27 Nov 2015 | 10:31 AM

Wanita Umno has fun with language

Wanita Umno's Kawan programme aims to unite a multiracial country through language learning.

Viewpoints 06 Sep 2015 | 7:05 AM

Our country, our future – craft it responsibly

Being an independent democratic country, we hold its future in our hands.

People 03 Sep 2015 | 7:00 AM

Tun V. T. Sambanthan believed in truthfulness and inclusiveness

In Star2’s third instalment on iconic figures in Malaysian history, we remember Tun V.T. Sambanthan who played an integral part in forging racial unity.

People 02 Sep 2015 | 7:00 AM

Tun Sir Tan Cheng Lock: 'They should learn to regard themselves as Malayans first irrespective of their race'

In Star2's second instalment on iconic figures in Malaysian history, we look at Tun Sir Tan Cheng Lock who stood for moderation, equality and justice.

Living 24 Mar 2015 | 6:00 PM

Perak orang asli reaping the benefits

The orang asli community of Kampung Chenderong Kelubi is enjoying the benefits of managing oil palm plantations and taking on second jobs.