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Reflecting On The Law

Drift towards intellectual intolerance

According to tauliah laws, Muslims must speak about Islam only when allowed to do so.

Reflecting On The Law

Our unique federal set-up always evolving

We need to regain the 1963 spirit of accommodation, moderation and compassion.


Experts: No changes to Constitution needed

PETALING JAYA: A decision by the Government to recognise the Indian Muslim community as bumiputra will not need a Constitutional amendment, said law experts.

Reflecting On The Law

Discretionary powers of the King

Within a narrow field, the Constitution places on the shoulders of the monarch the awesome burden of making critical decisions in his personal wisdom.

Reflecting On The Law

Strengthening separation of powers

From the point of view of judicial independence, there are many objectionable features of the Judicial and Legal Services Commission’s set-up.

Reflecting On The Law

Reaffirming Constitutional supremacy

A greater understanding of the Rukunegara will restore, not weaken Malaysia’s supreme law.

Reflecting On The Law

Is there a tyranny-terror link?

Democracy at home is not incompatible with horrendous acts of mass violence abroad.


Amendments arousing arguments

Among the many questions arising from the move to amend aspects of the Syariah Courts is one asking what exactly is the justification for them.

Reflecting On The Law

Exceptions to double jeopardy protection

No persons should be imperilled by subsequent criminal prosecutions if he has already been convicted or acquitted.

Reflecting On The Law

Honouring our nation’s architect and architecture

FEBRUARY 8 is the day of birth of Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj, the father of our nation and the guiding light behind the Merdeka Agreements, the Merdeka Constitu­tion and the “social contract” that is implicit in our constitutional charter.