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Pomeranians originated from Pomerania in Europe and were bred for luxury

Well bred and socialised Poms are happy, friendly and outgoing but they tend to be loud. They can’t be left alone in apartments or they become nuisance barkers. Little bones mean they have to be handled carefully.

A bowl of rice fills more than a belly

Visiting a foreign country and trying out the local cuisines is fun, but at times, we do yearn for something familiar.

Vertical running: Can you run up the Eiffel Tower in record time?

Vertical running up towers is an actual sport. An Australian vertical runner shares her experience of running up the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Taking you to Europe and beyond

Over 302 handcrafted trips to Europe and beyond are now on offer with Trafalgar.

'Black Panther' lands Best Picture nom; 'The Favourite', 'Roma' lead Oscars

Academy Award voters shower Alfonso Cuaron’s 'Roma' and Yorgos Lanthimos’ 'The Favourite' with 10 Oscar nominations.

Ever had any bad experiences at immigration checkpoints?

Have you ever had to wait in line for hours just to get your passport cleared at immigration checkpoints?