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TECH 03 Jul 2019 | 4:48 AM

TM launches new app myunifi for users to manage accounts

TM’s new app myunifi allows customers to manage and pay for both their Unifi home and mobile accounts on their smartphones, amongst other things.

TECH 02 Jul 2019 | 9:35 AM

Swiss court upholds WhatsApp secrecy in case of fired employee

A Swiss company must pay a worker it fired over WhatsApp messages in which she criticised her boss, a Swiss court has ruled, saying the firm violated her right to privacy by illegally inspecting the chats.

TECH 02 Jul 2019 | 8:14 AM

Influencers asking for free ice cream will be charged double at this food truck in LA

The co-founder of an ice cream truck in Los Angeles is sick of influencers asking for free food in exchange for social media exposure. So he introduced a new policy stating that any influencers asking for free ice cream from his truck will be charged double.

TECH 01 Jul 2019 | 11:30 PM

Steam Sale 2019: Four great deal-finding tools – Steam250, ITAD, SteamDB, GG Deals

Navigate the 2019 Steam Summer Sale with help from Steam250, IsThereAnyDeal, SteamDB and GG Deals, to help find the best games, prices, and bargains both on the computer gaming store's site and elsewhere.

TECH 01 Jul 2019 | 10:26 AM

Fake Facebook warlord used to spread malware, researchers say

In one of the largest malware campaigns to exploit Facebook Inc, a suspected Libyan hacker lured tens of thousands of people into exposing personal information and granting access to personal devices, Israeli cybersecurity company Check Point Software Technologies Ltd said.

TECH 01 Jul 2019 | 5:02 AM

Crowdfunded campaign takes Hong Kong’s message of fear to world – helped by 22,000 donors and anonymous group of fixers

Leaderless ‘Freedom Hong Kong’ campaign targeted the G20 summit in Osaka on Friday and Saturday. Largely online movement secured HK$6.7mil in funding in one day.

TECH 30 Jun 2019 | 11:30 PM

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite – A wand-ering we will go

Harry Potter fans will be helpless to resist getting swept up on a magical mystery tour to get to the bottom of, what else, a magical mystery.

TECH 28 Jun 2019 | 1:38 PM

Google appears to have leveraged Android dominance: India antitrust watchdog

Google appears to have misused its dominant position in India and reduced the ability of device manufacturers to opt for alternate versions of its Android mobile operating system, Indian officials found before ordering a wider probe in an antitrust case.

TECH 27 Jun 2019 | 5:30 AM

Social platform Reddit quarantines major pro-Trump community over violence threats

Social media site Reddit restricted access to a major forum for supporters of US President Donald Trump, citing threats of violence against police and public officials.

TECH 26 Jun 2019 | 9:53 AM

Acer unveils Predator Triton 900 at RM15,999, and other gaming products

Acer expands its gaming PCs and hardware family with the introduction of several new and upgraded laptop and monitor series.