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Nothing is forever, says Malaysian artist Hug Yin Wan

This young artist presents an abstract show grappling with themes of life, death and change.


Language is no barrier for this Malaysian making it big in China

Despite being ‘terrible in Mandarin’, Zaruf Ezhan is making a splash in the hardcore music scene in Shanghai, China.


Young Ezra Miller tried running like The Flash but stumbled

The actor who plays The Flash in Justice League took up martial arts for two years to better understand the superhero’s movements.


Libba Bray's 'Lair Of Dreams' is the perfect Gothic young adult fantasy

Libba Bray has crafted a Gothic horror tale interspersed with genuine comedy and achingly bittersweet love stories. Fully-realised characters, huge stakes and a suspenseful adventure with chills make 'Lair Of Dreams' a standout piece of work.


'Winds Of Winter' delayed again as George RR Martin releases ‘Fire & Blood’

It's not the long-awaited sixth book in the ‘Song Of Ice And Fire’ series, but George R.R. Martin's latest 'Fire And Blood' tells the history of the Targaryens in Westeros.


Skin Doctors is offering potent vitamins for your skin

Australian cosmeceutical skincare brand Skin Doctors has created two vitamin-based anti-ageing skincare that is affordable and efficient.


Crows using roof-top to crack open walnuts is driving dog crazy

The crows bring large, nut-type husks the size of walnuts and use the roof as an anvil to break them open. Besides their clamouring, there is another problem of the nut husks clogging up the rain gutters.


From stamps to shells: Chang Yoong Chia's 20-year career survey at National Art Gallery

The transformative potential of found objects are explored in Chang Yoong Chia’s Second Life at the National Arts Gallery


US musician hit by a train while using mobile phone, but survives

Clark spent weeks in a coma and almost a year in various hospitals. A brain injury slowed his speech, his motor skills, his memory. Numerous bones were broken. His legs, arms, feet, shoulders, hands – almost nothing works the way it used to.


Step into a dark fairytale at Afghan artist Amin Taasha's exhibition

Amin Taasha’s art is a unique fusion of Asian cultural influences alongside post-contemporary art ideals, featuring ancient Persian script, Buddhist iconography and figures referencing 7th to 11th century Afghan miniature paintings; which join forces with Chinese ink-styled modified strokes.