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Facebook is a persuasion platform that's changing the advertising rulebook

Facebook – the social network that started in a Harvard dorm room 15 years ago – has evolved into a media and advertising giant. It’s helped create a new age of precise consumer insights.


Phones for urns: Hong Kong turns to virtual reality to honour ancestors

A lack of space for cemeteries in crowded Hong Kong clashes with the age-old Chinese tradition of reverence for one’s ancestors, but one entrepreneur uses virtual reality software to reconcile the two.


Xbox One makes hot debut as console war revs up

Gamers in more than a dozen countries started snapping up new-generation Xbox One consoles Friday as Microsoft battled Sony to be at the heart of Internet age home entertainment.


Jawbone banks on smart fashion trend beyond watches

On the one hand, or wrist, there may be an eye-catching Apple Watch, while the other will sport with more discreet jewellery packed with Internet Age smarts.


Samsung unveils new digital health platform

Samsung on Wednesday unveiled a new digital health technology platform that uses sensors to track a range of body functions such as heart rate and blood pressure.


GPS has its own 19-year cicada problem

Most people of a certain age remember the Y2K problem that worried digitalists worldwide when we transitioned from 1999 to 2000 on the night of Dec 31, 1999. What would happen to computers and systems when the last two digits on the date went from 99 to 00?


Africans never hung up on Nokia's old brick

For Europeans, Nokia's revamped 'brick' is a throwback to a simpler, more innocent age, when phones were for speaking and reading on the train meant buying a newspaper.


Virtual reality may soon help your overcome your fear of spiders

Scientists and technicians are working on a high-tech cure for the age-old fear of spiders. The idea is to make exposure therapy simpler by using virtual reality eliminating the need for actual spiders to confront patients with.


Disney bows social-like app to feed kids bite-size, nontoxic content

Disney has created a secure sandbox for preteens to get a taste of social media – without the risk that they'll run into something age-inappropriate, scary or offensive.


Facebook grapples with heartache as it jogs memories

Don't go breaking my heart, Facebook. It's a sentiment shared by people like 48-year-old San Jose resident Beth Burkley, who gets caught off guard when she sees reminders of her ex pop up on social media.