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Captive fish

THE latest reads on the shelves.


Beneath our feet

MOST people do not realise that 6000km beneath our feet, the temperature is about 5000°C, nearly as hot as the surface of the Sun!


West rapped for wanting to dominate the world

Malaysia took the stage as the new chairman of the Non-Aligned Movement Monday amid blazing colours and dances and against a backdrop of a looming war in the Middle East.


Besieged by new species

THE Hawaiian Islands emerged from the ocean fuming and angry, but nature turned gracious and cloaked the steaming volcanic rock with a mantle of splendour.


From maid to empress

THE IMPERIAL MIND: The Fascinating and Deeply Strategic Mind of Empress Wu Zetian -- Reviews by SEE YEE AI.


Hip, hip, hair-ray!

For those who can, growing their facial hair can be an art form. This, of course, is strictly for the boys, or should we say, men? MARTIN VENGADESAN takes us on a hair-raising journey.


Ancient city torn apart

The city of Jenin in the West Bank can trace its history back to over 4,000 years of civilisation, but thanks to the latest Israel invasions starting last April, it is now a crippled town shorn of all basic amenities like proper sewage system, water pipes, electricity supply and roads.


Ancient traditions of healing

THE Australian Aborigines, known to be the oldest living humans (dating back at least 160,000 years) have given us many clues to healing and how we could live in the 21st century.


Bats are our friends

In one village in the Indian state of Maharashtra, bats are welcome for their therapeutic powers.

AseanPlus News

Thieves plunder tombs of Loulan

THE tombs of Loulan, an ancient kingdom located along the famous Silk Road about 2,000 years ago, have been robbed, according to Wednesday's I>Guangming Daily/I>.