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Sweet benefits

SWEET potato leaves fried with dried prawn and chilli or I>sambal/II>belacan/Iis a cheap mouth-watering dish commonly served in many local Chinese restaurants. Sweet potato leaves and tubers contain a number of beneficial nutrients that help maintain good health.

Add this to your food guide

A recent study is providing important supplemental information to the Food Guide Pyramid daily nutrition recommendations, which were developed by The US Department of Agriculture and the US Department of Health and Human Services.

Good carbs, bad carbs

No matter what combination of protein,,fat,and carbohydrateyou eat,if you take in more calories than you burn,you #8217;ll get fat

Men need it, too

Research links calcium and folate to the prevention of many illnesses and conditions in men, including heart attacks, cancer and low sperm counts, writes b>Timothy Gower./B>

The new pyramid

An article that was recently published in the journal I>Scientific American/Iis turning mainstream dietary beliefs upside down.

Eating and the elderly

As you grow older, you may need less energy from what you eat, but you still need just as many of the nutrients in food.

Expert: Drought has devastated Australian farms

Farmers in Australia's drought-ravaged Outback are having one of their worst ever years, the nation's chief agricultural forecaster said Tuesday.

A higher energy in food

By Jaguar Singh

Scrubbed & polished

Most men consider it downright unmanly to visit beauty centre.So DEEPAK GILL needed some prodding.We sent him to Kaj to be pampered, pummelled and perfected.

Legends of the ram

IN CHINESE astrology, the goat is sometimes referred to as the ram (adult male sheep). According to legend, the ram, which ranks eighth among the 12 zodiac signs, had a big heart and saved all humanity. It was no lowly animal which was killed as a sacrifice to the gods. Folklore has it that it was a celestial animal before it angered the Jade Emperor.