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Asian markets end 2003 higher

DESPITE some late attempts at window-dressing, the KLSE Composite Index (CI) ended 2003 a few points shy of the psychologically significant 800-point mark. For 2003 as a whole, however, the market did perform reasonably well in a year filled with shocks and uncertainty.


Asian nations seen to lead growth in 2004

ASIAN economies are expected to continue outperforming the rest of the world in 2004 against the backdrop of an overall global recovery.


Signs point to strong US economy

B>WASHINGTON: /B>For the US economy, 2004 could turn out to be a banner year.


Asian bankers see busy start to 2004

B>HONG KONG:/BIt's been a busy year for debt capital market bankers in Asia and that momentum is expected to carry on into 2004 as corporates and governments rush to borrow ahead of an anticipated rise in interest rates.


Level of female literacy on the rise

The Wim Review talks about the role of women in the workforce.


Positive market outlook for 2004

Whichever way the KLSE in 2003 will be looked at, it will be remembered as a roller coaster of a ride. From gloom of war and the despair of SARS to the euphoria of a multi-month rally that ended the three-year bear market, investors finally managed to revel in a booming stock market with no stumbling impediments in sight.


Insurers: Pension plans vital

Today, we feature the CEOs in the life insurance industry. They are Alex Foong Soo Hah of Great Eastern Life Assurance (M) Bhd, Tan Beng Wah of Asia Life (M) Bhd, Khor Hock Seng of John Hancock Life Insurance (M) Bhd, and K.H. Chia of Hong Leong Assurance Bhd, who is also president of the Life Insurance Association of Malaysia (Liam).


Hopes for year-end rally fading

AS the Kuala Lumpur stock market continued its losing streak for a fifth consecutive day Wednesday, with the KLSE Composite Index (CI) shedding nearly seven points to 775, hopes of a rally to take the benchmark back above the 800 level by New Year's Eve are fading fast.


Bankers bullish about economy

Once again our CEO Outlook 2004 for today focuses on the bankers, people who are best positioned to feel the pulse of the economy.


CEOs give Pak Lah the thumbs-up

THE country's captains of industry have given the thumbs-up to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, with most of them saying they are confident he would take Malaysia to greater heights.