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Where women buy attention

While the rest of Japan faces a gloomy downturn, its gigolo bars are still popular with women looking for fun, sex and even little courtesies, writes FRANCOISE KADRI.

The home makeover journey

In Part Two of her home makeover chronicle, LEONG SIOK HUI talks about her renovation decisions, shopping nightmares, DIY and space-saving solutions.

Tranquil Tasmania

Andrew Sia visits Tasmania.

Be more careful, Musa urges schools

Schools have been instructed to be more careful when vetting CD-ROMs produced by commercial publishers to ensure that unsuitable material will not be viewed by students.

Driven to distraction

PERHAPS I#8217;m not suited to life in the fast lane. I was brought up in a dinosaur age: a time when people had never heard of multi-tasking, or cell phones, or sports utility vehicles big enough to carry a football team.

Test your word power

ARE you totally at ease navigating the World Wide Web? Or do your attempts at surfing turn out more like the dog paddle? Either way, this quiz is for you.

Cheating on the music they love

Consumers who opt to buy pirated music reap the short-term exuberance of paying less. But in depriving artistes and recording companies of their dues,these music lovers have cheated themselves of a vibrant local music scene, reports IVY SOON.

Dual language CD to help Chinese school pupils

Pupils from over 1,000 Chinese national-type primary schools will benefit from a newly launched dual language CD on Mathematics and Science to better grasp the two subjects.

Ministry not ruling out sabotage

The Education Ministry, investigating a case of Year One science software containing scantily clad women, has not ruled out sabotage by those against the teaching of Science and Mathematics in English.

Let there be peace, say Christians

An evening of song and dance set the motion for another rally for peace in the Klang Valley.