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Gadget-free and shopping sprees rule travel trends

Luxury shopping trips, gadget-free digs and booking holidays on smart TVs are some of the travel trends predicted.


BSA offers ‘Badge of Honour’ for genuine-software compliance

Companies should declare they use only genuine software to earn customers' trust.


Shopping or browsing on Main St? India’s Big Data firms know

Shoppers in US department stores may be watched, and not because they might be shoplifters.


US high-tech companies ramping up exports

Most US high-tech companies expect to export more cellphones, tablets and other electronics over the next two years.


“Intel Inside” ignites mobile branding war

Chipmakers that supply the crucial components inside smartphones and tablets aim to grab more of the glory.


1.7 billion smartphones worldwide in five years

Smartphones shipped globally will hit 1.7 billion in 2017, predicts Ovum.


Shutterbugs making beeline for Canon PhotoMarathon Malaysia

Canon PhotoMarathon Asia celebrates its 10th anniversary this year.


Motorola launches Intel-powered smartphone

Google's Motorola Mobility unveils the Razr i.


Remittance made easy over mobile service

Merchantrade prepaid subscribers and migrant workers can now securely remit money to their home countries.


National ICT Month comes round again

A whole bunch of programmes have been organised with the aim of promoting local ICT products and services.