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Kelantan happy case over hudud law closed

The state government has welcomed the decision of Kota Baru MP Datuk Zaid Ibrahim to withdraw his suit against it over the controversial hudud law under the Syariah Criminal Procedures Code 993.


Only with tougher laws can we deter the criminals

From SITI ZURAIFAH of Kuala Lumpur


Divining the divine rules in Kelantan

THOSE who were in the Pasir Mas district during the recent Pengkalan Pasir by-election would probably be able to confirm or deny tales that girls from the district are of enviable beauty.


Taking PAS into the future

Kamaruddin also gave his frank opinions on the issues of Islam state, hududlaw, non-Muslims, policies on gender, entertainment and tudung and how theparty was coping with controversial statements by PAS' spiritual adviser DatukNik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat and president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang.


Catch those fiends soon

FROM DR N.G. BASKARAN, Petaling Jaya.


Old hostilities renewed in latest Umno-PAS slugfest

They say two do not make a pair. And that is clearly the case with Umno and PAS which can barely see eye-to-eye.


PAS wants to meet Umno

PAS has invited Umno for a I>muzakarah /I>(consultative meeting) to discuss Islam Hadhari and other issues on Islam.


PAS Youth supports open-door policy

PAS Youth supports the proposal to admit non-Muslims into the party as it believes this can turn the party into a formidable opponent to the Barisan Nasional.


Ikim reviewing hudud laws in Terengganu

The Institute of Islamic Understanding Malaysia (Ikim) is studying the Terengganu Syariah Criminal Offence (I>Hudud and Qisas/I>) laws, gazetted by the PAS state government in October 2003.


Outcry over phone-tap plan

Objections to the tapping of private telephone lines by the police are among the issues that have been raised with the Parliamentary Select Committee.