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Voting system under scrutiny

AN electoral battle is around the corner in the Machap constituency in Malacca. As happens before all such gladiatorial contests, the entire election machinery is exposed to the fires of scrutiny. Not surprisingly, it is found to be wanting in some parts.

The law should unite, not divide the people

The question of jurisdiction between the Civil and Syariahcourts needs to be clarified to produce a smooth working of thetwo systems that brings justice to all parties.

Putting a lid on government secrets

The Government's power to withdraw information from the public domain is regulated by the Constitution.

Government’s might vs citizens’ right

The ban on disclosure of road toll deals between the Government and the concessionaires raises interesting constitutional issues.

Follow-up action needed

The war crimes conference last week has given hope to many that justice can be done. Follow-up is now needed by the KL War Crimes Commission and Tribunal.

Ex-judge made war tribunal pro tem head

Former Federal Court judge Datuk Abdul Kadir Sulaiman is the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal pro tem committee chairman.

Tribunal to hear torture victims

Some world leaders may go down in history as war criminals once they are found 'guilty' by a tribunal initiated by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad's Perdana Global Peace Organisation.

Students use varsity as launch pad

UNIVERSITI Teknologi Mara has produced many illustrious alumni, who have ventured into many fields and hold a variety of positions. KAREN CHAPMAN meets some of them.

Forum goes ahead as police keep close watch

The Bar Council and Article 11, an umbrella body of 13 non-governmental organisations, held their forum called 'Federal Constitution: Protection for All' under close police watch yesterday.

Rule of Law or mob rule?