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Three-in-one traffic lights

Singapore is to introduce a new traffic lights system, which produces all the three traffic light colours in one light slot rather than three.

For safe journeys

Despite efforts to reduce the huge number of traffic accidents in Malaysia, the figures have not gone down. LOH FOON FONG finds out what can be done to make our roads safer.

Looking for old friends

I AM curious to know the whereabouts of my friends who were teaching with me in Kelantan about 40 years ago. In the early 1960s, a batch of about 100 teachers from Penang and Perak was posted to teach in Kelantan.

Check this Czech out

It was really fun to see the faces of our friends and colleagues when we told them Skoda is a car marque that comes from the Czech Republic. As they examined the Skoda Octavia closely, they were surprised to see that it is of a standard that rivals anything from Europe.

Man hijacks car with baby and maid inside

A housewife learnt a horrifying lesson when she left her car engine running while trying to persuade her three-year-old son to go into his kindergarten in Taman Johor.

Sporty status

MOST people would have had an encounter with a Mini some time in their lives.

Dressed in a Mini

The classic Mini comes with a new flavour, one that you can actually wear, writes PATSY KAM.

Traffic light menace driving motorists crazy

From ANONYMOUS, Cheras.

Traffic lights take on role of cops

B>I/B>n the heart of Kuala Lumpur, where traffic jams are a part of city life, a drive through the streets when there are hardly any other vehicles on the road, is a rare experience. Sometimes, you may feel lucky that all the traffic signals turn green as your vehicle approaches the intersection. Is it luck? Not really.

M-cyclist dies in ball of fire

A 58-year-old man was killed when the motorcycle he was riding on and a bus collided at Jalan Salak Tinggi-Nilai in Sepang, before the motorbike burst into a ball of fire.