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Breastfeeding facts

THE act of breastfeeding isn#8217;t meant to be difficult, but given our lifestyles these days, sometimes it can get hampered by our #8220;progressive#8221; thinking and become a really stressful period for the new mother.


Twin effects

It has to be said that conjoined twins are not born very often,despite the recent run of news regarding conjoined twins. The incidence rate can be as low as one in 200,000 births to as high as one in 50,000 births,depending on various factors.PAUL YEO takes a quick look at some of the issues relevant to conjoined twins.


Infertility woes

MAJORIE CHIEW looks at the problem of infertility, its causes and possible treatments.


Being clear on fertility

Readers speak up.


Contraception vital

HERE is Dr Milton Lum#8217;s response to the above article.


Timing is everything

Here is a non-invasive method to help women achieve their goal of having a baby. PATSY KAM reports.


Help the morning after

American women might soon catch up with dozens of countries that have approved over-the-counter sale of Plan B, an emergency morning-after contraceptive pill, reports PAT REBER.


Listen to your body!

Ladies call it the dreaded time-of-the-month mood swings, stomach cramps and lethargy. You can either moan about it, or get a grip and listen to your body. LEONG SIOK HUI explains.


Teeth-stroke connection

DENTISTS often warn patients that inadequate toothbrushing and flossing habits could lead to gum disease and tooth loss. Now a study by Harvard University researchers suggests that losing your teeth also might heighten your risk of suffering a stroke.


Ringing in a quirky girl's gizmo

Among the ringtones of the Samsung T-500 are the sound of a cat meowing and a person laughing hysterically.