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Ex-McKinsey CEO’s case highlights swapping of secrets in corporate world

Errol Oh analyses the Gupta trial and its significance to the meaning of friendship as defined by corporate big guns.


More than an error?

After two weeks, Bursa Malaysia has yet to give an update on trade cancellation request.


Fine line between sophistication and greed

Errol Oh analyses the definition of a 'sophisticated investor' and wonders if the protection rendered will help these investors live up to their classy name.


Going after wrongdoers big and small

Errol Oh feels that stiffer penalties, like longer jail term, for corporatetransgressions could protect investors and the market but the SC and CCM must be consistent in their actions.


Malaysia will soon get two giant pandas. Will there be giant earnings?

Errol Oh provides a comical take on the pandas that are coming from China and the bearing they might have on our economy.


MAS should get some peace and quiet

Errol Oh feels that MAS could do with a reprieve from the onslaught of allegations and controversies in order to focus on itsturnaround plans.


A time for professional scepticism

FINALLY, the Audit Oversight Board (AOB) has imposed its first sanction. On July 12, more than two years after it had been set up, the board reprimanded Alvin Tee Guan Pian, the senior partner of accounting firm UHY Malaysia.


Introducing the LTIPs A new way to reward and retain employees can be better explained

HOW far should a listed company go to engage with shareholders and other investors to articulate something that’s difficult to appreciate? NYSE-traded Loews Corp have thought outside the box and have opted to try to get its message across through a comicbook.


Lessons from ‘The Office’ Sorry if you’re not a fan, but the TV series is great for laughing and learning

AFTER nine seasons comprising 201 episodes spread over eight years, US TV series The Office aired its finale on Thursday. A show about employees at a regional branch of a fictional paper company doesn’t sound promising, but the fact that it lasted this long says a lot about the rich characterisation, sharp writing and terrific acting.


Dealing with a rare situation

Errol Oh poses the question of what happens when a director faces insidertrading charges.