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Lady Gaga on fashion, acting and boyfriend Taylor Kinney

Singer makes TV debut in American Horror Story: Hotel.

EpiPen: Used correctly can save lives, wrongly may cause injury

Injuries caused by EpiPen use have been reported. You really need to know how to use this device during an emergency.

Women want to be allowed to pray in this Mumbai mosque

Indian women are in a legal battle against a Mumbai mosque ban.

What's in the cards for the new year?

This is a year to tie up lose ends or finish up unfinished business, according to tarot card reader Jessie Lee.

Tips for a good holiday from a travel veteran

President of The Travel Corporation (Asia) Robin Yap reveals tips for a good holiday.

Do we really have free will?

Turns out, we might not have control over what arises in the mind – but we do have control over how we choose to proceed with whatever arises.

So you think you can dance... with robots

Malaysian-born American scientist Dr Lim Hwa Aun, the 'Father of Bioinformatics', is promoting Silicon Valley’s first creative robot competition in October.

Tales Of Mothers celebrates strength and resilience of women

Dr Raudah Yunus’ Tales of Mothers celebrates women’s strength and resilience.

Does your child experience sleep terrors?

Has your child ever experienced episodes of screaming, intense fear and flailing while still asleep?

Carrying on valiantly

A son shares how tough it has been for his family looking after the hostile stranger that Alzheimer's disease turned his father into.