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Eating Out

Padang cuisine at Essence

Guest chefs from Indonesia showcase their traditional dishes at Sheraton Imperial KL.

Food News

New York is the vegan capital of the world

PETA has named the city as the most vegan-friendly place around the globe.

Food News

A (foodie) friend in need

This month's Flavours magazine celebrates the good guys committed to using food for the greater good.

Food News

Canada wants it own best restaurant awards

No Michelin or Restaurants ranking, so Air Canada’s in-flight magazine launches its own.

Food News

Glenlivet's new Chapter

IT IS not often you get to taste a whisky that you had a hand in choosing, but that was what members of The Glenlivet Guardians got to experience recently.

Food News

Mystery dinner dates: Dining without knowing what's in store

Secret supper clubs serve intrigue alongside novel meals.

Food News

Dumpster dining to reduce food waste

Salvage Supperclub saves foods destined for the trash heap and cooks up a new dining experience.

Food News

A half-cup idea: Portion control in the Philippines

Half-cup of rice option soon a must in Philippines' city restaurants.

Eating Out

Bagel shop brings the flavours of New York to Subang

FOUR childhood friends Darren Ngui, Hwong Yi Xue and brothers, Alexander and Christopher Gunjau Fowler have a bond that transcends friendship, they are now business partners in the bagel making business.