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TECH 24 Jul 2015 | 7:30 AM

Remy Martin to export 'smart' cognac to China to stop fakes

Chinese consumers concerned about counterfeit cognac will soon be able to verify the authenticity of a bottle of Remy Martin via their cellphone, the French cognac giant said.

TECH 15 Jun 2015 | 1:44 PM

China-linked hackers get sensitive US defence and intelligence data: report

China-linked hackers appear to have gained access to sensitive background information submitted by US intelligence and military personnel for security clearances that could potentially expose them to blackmail, the Associated Press reported.

TECH 10 Jun 2015 | 6:30 AM

A high-tech way to stop drink driving

The US Department of Transportation's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has showcased a high-tech solution for eradicating drink driving on US roads.

TECH 29 Apr 2015 | 7:30 AM

US teen texting and driving dips with state laws

According to a new analysis of nationwide surveys, teens report less texting while driving in the years following statewide bans. But texting while driving rates are still high, the researchers found.

TECH 24 Apr 2015 | 9:00 AM

Students develop system to prevent drunk driving

If you've been drinking, you won't get far with AlcoStop, the automotive safety system designed by a group of students at the Institute of Technology of Cintalapa in Mexico.

TECH 11 Feb 2015 | 5:41 PM

Fear of missing out drives Net addiction in Japan

For Japanese teenager Sumire, chatting with friends while she sits in the bath or even on the toilet is nothing out of the ordinary. An ever-present smartphone means she, like much of her generation, is plugged in 24/7 — to the growing concern of health professionals.

TECH 10 Feb 2015 | 3:36 PM

Japan high school girls on mobiles seven hours a day: survey

High school girls in Japan spend an average of seven hours a day on their mobile phones, a new survey has found, with nearly 10% of them putting in at least 15 hours.

TECH 28 Jan 2015 | 1:37 PM

Uber says ride services reduce drunk driving

Uber, a ride service facing legal challenges around the world, released a survey showing that people are less likely to drive home after drinking alcohol after such businesses started operating in their cities.

TECH 14 Jan 2015 | 9:00 AM

This breathalyser polices bad breath

The makers of Breeze — a connected take on the traditional gadget that lets you know if it's a good idea to get behind the wheel or not should your recent consumption of alcohol leave you wondering — have now set out to patrol stinky breath.

Technology 16 Dec 2014 | 1:33 PM

Online ventures target global Muslim consumer market

From travel guides to shopping portals, new Internet ventures aim to capitalise on the growing "Muslim lifestyle" market, which is expanding beyond food to include areas such as tourism, fashion and credit cards.