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Just add science: Building better runners with a bit of know-how

Taking the scientific approach has resulted in two European championships for Belgian runner Pieter-Jan Hannes.


Should men and women exercise differently?

Many people get the idea that men and women should train differently. Ladies, here are three main reasons to follow your boyfriend’s gym routine.


Micropia: Finally a zoo for the micro-multitudes!

The world's first interactive microbe zoo opens in Amsterdam, shining new light on the tiny creatures that make up two-thirds of all living matter.


Virtually yours: These boyfriends are perfect... well, almost!

Are you tired of your boyfriend's looks and the way he just lies around the house? Perhaps it's time to upgrade to one with... cat's ears!


Putting a name to mysterious illnesses

New test shows promise in identifying mystery illnesses.

Food News

Academia job to stop chocolate melting

Research project is aimed at discovering how the treat can stay solid when sold in warm climates.


Ouch, they did it again! Twin doctors helps kids overcome fear of hospitals

Through the educational TV series, 'Operation Ouch!', the Tulleken doctors hope children (and their parents) will get over their fear of hospitals.


Late Chinese painter Xu Beihong's heroic horses

A current exhibition in Beijing, China called A Master And His Masters displays 60 of Xu Beihong's pictures.


The war in moving pictures

There are times when the cinema does a wonderful job of retelling tales of war.


Workouts for those who are already in their middle age years and beyond

You may not be able to keep your looks as you get older, but you can keep your strength and balance.