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Family 07 Oct 2019 | 5:16 AM

The power of the chrysanthemum on the Double Ninth festival

The Chongyang Festival is celebrated in the Far East with folks climbing mountains, carrying dogwood for protection, and drinking chrysanthemum wine for its power to ward off evil.

Living 30 Sep 2019 | 6:00 AM

What is the Nine Emperor Gods Festival and why is it celebrated?

In Malaysia, faithful worshippers of the Nine Emperor Gods are flocking to temples to seek divine help and pray that the gods grant their wishes.

Living 27 Sep 2019 | 2:40 PM

Malaysia among 25 countries that practise discriminatory citizenship laws

Malaysia is just one of 25 countries in the world with discriminatory citizenship laws.Malaysian fathers married to foreign spouses need only to notify the government about children born abroad. Malaysian mothers however need to apply and wait indefinitely.

Style 27 Sep 2019 | 6:00 AM

6 beauty aids for stressed skin

With the haze at an all-time high, apart from wearing face masks, you can protect your skin from the added stress of the environment and air pollution with a proper skincare routine.

Animals 23 Sep 2019 | 6:00 AM

Why house cats change their sleeping spots so often

Domesticated cats seem to change their sleeping spots quite frequently. Here's why.

Environment 17 Sep 2019 | 5:06 AM

Your sunscreen is destroying coral reefs and harming marine life

Travellers heading to the US Virgin Islands may want to rethink what type of sunscreen they pack. The territory recently outlawed sunscreens with ingredients believed to harm coral reefs and other marine life.

Environment 16 Sep 2019 | 7:45 PM

3 Malaysians and local groups leading the way in zero-waste

These three Malaysians and local groups show that zero-waste living is very possible and absolutely necessary to save our environment.

Seniors 04 Sep 2019 | 6:10 AM

Countries worldwide are not prepared to handle dementia

Policies and practices for aged care, which includes dementia, are moving very slowly because most national health policies are focused on other non-communicable diseases.

Children 03 Sep 2019 | 6:10 AM

Debunking vaccine myths with actual medical facts

Vaccination rates have been dropping across the world because myths propagated by a vocal anti-vaccination lobby. Here's the real science to debunk those pseudo-facts.