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Salted crickets, chocolate beetles: insect snack machine’s a hit in Japan

Hungry shoppers have descended like a swarm of locusts on a vending machine selling pre-cooked insects in southern Japan

Too much salt - water desalination plants harm environment: U.N.

OSLO (Reuters) - Almost 16,000 desalination plants worldwide produce bigger-than-expected flows of highly salty waste water and toxic chemicals that are damaging the environment, a U.N.-backed study said on Monday.

More space for festive get-together

GATHERING together to toss yee sang for luck and prosperity is something many look forward to in the Lunar New Year. At New World Petaling Jaya Hotel, the joy of tossing yee sang can be enjoyed in a ballroom instead of in a Chinese restaurant.

Curious Cook: Thoughts on Christmas food

How a feast, at any time of the year, affects us.

‘Global warming mirrors Earth’s largest extinction event’

MORE than two-thirds of life on earth died off some 252 million years ago, in the largest mass extinction event in Earth’s history.

In a Tokyo neighbourhood's last sushi restaurant, a sense of loss

TOKYO (Reuters) - "I'll have a draft," says Yasuo Fujinuma, heaving himself down at the sushi counter. He pulls a pack of cigarettes from a frayed pocket of his sweater. From the corner of the restaurant, a small TV hums the noon weather forecast. He never drinks at noon.

Skeleton from Mesolithic period discovered in Kelantan cave

KUALA LUMPUR: Researchers stumbled upon a discovery of historic value – the skeleton of a teenage girl believed to be from the Mesolithic period – while excavating Gua Chawan in Kelantan.

Bigger plans afoot for Pulau Kukup

From CHERYL RITA KAUR, Head, Centre for Coastal and Marine Environment, Maritime Institute of Malaysia Kuala Lumpur.

Plenty of joy to savour

HAVE yourself a Magical Musical Christmas at Flamingo Hotel By The Beach Penang.

Main place to be for a merry time

CITITEL Penang’s ‘Colourful Christmas’ has wonderful festivities and feasts for one to end the year on a high, and usher in another with joy.