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JK Rowling is fantastic, baby

JK Rowling’s latest wonder wizard is not a boy. He is Newt Scamander and he will show you his beasts.


Top advice on hiking safety from the experts

After a spate of jungle trekking accidents recently, Star2 talks to some experts about how to hike safely.


Parents die covering their daughter as the building fell

A little girl was found alive thanks to her parents who sacrificed themselves protecting her when the building they lived in collapsed.

Science & Technology

Here's a robot that's inspired by the octopus

Meet Octobot, a soft-bodied robot that moves like an octopus.


This dog found her owner's cancer before doctors did

Heidi is a search/rescue dog, she saves lives. The most amazing thing she did was to save her owner's life by sniffing out her lung cancer.


Person of the year: Mithunjay Langgim, ranger who helped earthquake survivors

Sabah Parks ranger Mithunjay Langgim played an instrumental role in guiding the quake survivors to safety.


Up the Great Mountain of Java through dirt and dust

Trekking to the heavenly abode of the Gods involves risking volcanic fumes and being tortured by endless dust.


'We wish to be rescued!' plead Afghan refugees to Aussie authorities

The story of an Afghan refugee fleeing the cruel Taliban in Afghanistan and the boat journey to Indonesia which was fraught with danger.

Science & Technology

Insect robots being developed for search and rescue missions

Engineers are studying insects to find inspiration for designing robo-bugs that can one day help in search and rescue operations.

Science & Technology

Fire and ice: Mount St Helens is proud mum of world’s newest glacier

And while most other glaciers around the world are shrinking, Mount St Helens’ baby glacier baby continues to grow.