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SJ Care Warriors aim to remove stigma of mental health among youths

The Malaysian community-based SJ Care Warriors programme in Subang Jaya, Selangor, adopts a two-prong approach involving community leaders and youths to destigmatise mental health issues among the youths.


Calling for 'R U Tough Enough SEA 2019' contestants

If you're physically fit, mentally strong and emotionally resilient, you stand a chance at being crowned 'Toughest in South-East Asia 2019'.


Dive in for indulgent sleep

In conjunction with its 100th anniversary, Slumberland has launched the limited-edition TempSmart series that includes the flagship model in elegant black tone.


Enjoy comfortable sleep all night long

In conjunction with its 100th anniversary, Slumberland, the leading mattress maker in Asia-Pacific, launched the limited-edition TempSmart series.


Reducing plastic waste while travelling

It’s not that easy to use very little plastic when on your travels. Here are some ways to avoid using too much plastic while on holiday.


Nat Geo series 'Hostile Planet' shows Nature as one tough Mother

Famous British survivalist Bear Grylls says some of the resilient creatures featured on 'Hostile Planet' spotlights how species adapt to the most extreme environments on Earth.


Tips on building a strong and resilient child

As children grow up and experience more of the world and society, it is important for parents to ensure that they are strong and resilient enough to handle life's hardships.


Bank Negara's interactive art show on Malaysia's sociopolitical heritage

Group exhibition 'Pusaka' at Bank Negara Malaysia Museum And Art Gallery in Kuala Lumpur extends the idea of Malaysia's social and political heritage through a series of intelligent, interactive, installation pieces.