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To settle a beach violation, Napster founder creates YourCoast app

When a seaside property owner blocks beach access with a gate, the California Coastal Commission can order it removed. But when tech billionaire Sean Parker chose a wedding venue in violation of the California Coastal Act, the state settled on a far more creative form of restitution: a mobile app.

Propelling STEM to new heights

Building drones could spark an interest in STEM subjects, and lead to a high-flying career.

AI promises jobs revolution but first it needs old-fashioned manual labour from China

Basic Finder is among the labelling companies thriving amid the data boom, with clients including US university UC Berkeley and Chinese AI leaders SenseTime and iFlyTek.

Too much screen time, too little horseplay for kids: study

Only one in 20 kids in the United States meets guidelines on sleep, exercise and screen time, and nearly a third are outside recommendations for all three, according to a study published Sept 27.

Amazon’s India chief takes stand against work email after 6pm

The head of Inc’s India business has a radical idea for his troops: Log off, get a life.

Summer tech selection: Flight of the drones

With increasingly compact and high-tech models now on the market, drones offer an interesting means of capturing stunning scenery and special moments in the great outdoors.

Portable music players tied to hearing loss in kids

Children who listen to music through headphones may be at greater risk of noise-related hearing loss, a Dutch study suggests.

Tech companies aim for easy access over brawny security at offices

Silicon Valley may tighten security after a shooting at the YouTube headquarters stunned the San Francisco Bay Area this week, but do not expect armed guards to take up protective posts around tech companies' campuses.

Google has a diversity problem and a lawsuit problem (opinion)

On the face of it, the idea that Google is discriminating against white men is laugh-out-loud funny.

Shark-spotting drones on patrol at Australian beaches

High-tech shark-spotting drones are patrolling dozens of Australian beaches this summer to quickly identify underwater predators and deliver safety devices to swimmers and surfers faster than traditional lifesavers.