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Videogame releases: Quadrilateral Cowboy, Headlander, more

Among videogame releases for the week of July 25, Quadrilateral Cowboy entices players with quirky cyberpunk hacking, Headlander mocks pulp sci-fi of years gone by with the utmost fondness, and the gorgeous Hyper Light Drifter arrives on console.


Nokia’s shareholders approve Alcatel-Lucent deal

One final step remained for the Finnish telecom group Nokia before sealing the union with its French-American rival Alcatel-Lucent, as Nokia’s shareholders gave their consent on Dec 2.


Media companies get on board with VR

This year's Oculus Connect 2 conference has already surfaced two indications that major media companies are preparing for a Virtual Reality revolution, should the technology take off.


Apple announces Chinese forest management project

Cupertino's mobile tech company Apple is looking to bolster the production of renewable resources through partnership with the World Wildlife Fund.


Netflix takes Marvel to dark corners in bloody 'Daredevil'

He doesn't have Thor's hammer or Iron Man's suit, but that's not stopping Marvel's latest superhero from seeking justice in the seedy underbelly of Hell's Kitchen in Netflix Inc's first superhero series.


Paperless G7 summit not so smart for some

The Netherlands launched the first "paperless" summit on Monday with a smartphone app at a nuclear security meeting in The Hague replacing the traditional imitation leather conference bag stuffed with handouts.


Finnish city Oulu sees light at end of Nokia tunnel

From early December, the Finnish city of Oulu is trapped in darkness for all but a few murky midday hours, a darkness some feared might be matched by its economic prospects after big local employer Nokia hit the skids.


Beautiful brawler

Dragon’s Crown is a beautifully illustrated, gorgeously animated tour de force of a game.


Nifty scanner eases farewell to paper

b>NEW YORK/b>: Here's where the iPad has gotten me: I'm sitting with an old book in one hand and a utility knife in the other. My plan is to make the two meet, by cutting up the book and feeding the pages through a scanner.