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Creating a future for women and youth in the global tourism industry

Tourism’s role in job creation is often undervalued, despite the fact that tourism generates 10% of jobs globally. Policies are needed to maximise tourism’s potential to create more and better jobs, especially for women and youth.


5 community-based groups that are shaping the Malaysian arts scene

Where Malaysian arts and culture is concerned, grassroots communities are leading the way. Here are five voices of the people for the people.


Heritage tourism in Malaysia is a delicate balancing act

All over the world, heritage tourism – the practice of travelling to places of historical and cultural significance – remains an enduring form of travel. How then do cities in Malaysia preserve its heritage while providing quality experiences to tourists?


Beauty in diversity of the 2019 Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week

The recent 2019 Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week was a grand showcase of diverse styles. From resort to street and denim, it showed that Malaysian fashion does indeed come in all forms.


Heritage area in Alor Setar given a splash of colour by veteran Kedah artist’s murals

A heritage area in Alor Setar is given a new lease of life and lively colour by a veteran artist Lee Choon Kooi's first mural assignment.


Human Writes: Pretending plantations are forests is killing Orang Asli

The tragedy that befell the Bateq Orang Asli in Kelantan, when several died from a simple case of measles, can be traced to the destruction of their customary land.


Hive in your home? My Bee Saviour will remove it AND save the bees

My Bee Saviour (Penyelamat Lebah Malaysia) is an NGO initiated by Mardi to translocate beehives in homes and offices to their bee sanctuary in Serdang, Selangor, where the bees get to thrive, propagate and build more hives – and their honey is never harvested.