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Food News

Why are Malaysians still crazy about salted egg yolk dishes?

Our obsession with salted egg yolk shows no sign of abating. Instead, it has inspired creations likes salted egg yolk cronuts, salted egg yolk fish skin and salted egg yolk potato chips.

Food News

Curious Cook: The latest news on processed food

A few observations from the latest study on the link between ultra-processed food and cancer.

Eating Out

A new take on modern Malaysian food

Under the steady hand of head chef Raymond Tham, Malaysian food is given a distinctly modern interpretation at Beta.

Food News

The meaning of your favourite Chinese New Year dishes

The Chinese like to include vegetables and ingredients with symbolic meanings for auspiciousness and good fortune.

Food News

'Rotten': Food documentary series serves up something fresh

Food documentary series 'Rotten' offers a fascinating look at the scandals that plague the food industry.

Food News

Curious Cook: Tales from a food diary, part 2

The columnist has a few curious titbits and thoughts about food from last year. This time: farts, moobs, chicken, pizza and butter.

Food News

Curious Cook: Vegetarianism and other dietary tales, Part 4

Curious Cook columnist Chris Chan explores other reasons why we should eat more vegetables and less meat in part 4 of his miniseries on vegetarianism.

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How does your favourite fast food rate for antibiotic use?

IN a new scorecard that ranks American fast food chains on their antibiotic policies, KFC showed the biggest improvement over the last year and Chipotle and Panera Bread came out on top.


Spinach and friends (like people, some are fake!)

There’s a host of vegetables out there that we call spinach or cook as such, but aren’t actually even from the same family.

Food News

Hot Korean chicks alert!

Korean fried chicken is a global phenomenon that is also taking flight in Malaysia, with the addition of South Korean-based Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory.