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Our own master filmmaker

FEW people in Malaysia are familiar with the name Tsai Ming-liang, but the rest of the world have recognised him as a great Malaysian director of artistic films. ALLAN KOAY finds out more about this home-grown talent who has been impressing the world with hsi intelligent and complex works.

Monkey business

THE sun had barely made an appearance, and I was already approaching the quarter-way mark in my hike up Penang Hill.

Back-room deals

When Tom Bower came up the drive with a file of awkward questions about carve-ups in the global transfer market, a number of directors, agents and even managers must have dived behind the sofa. Bower is one of Britain#8217;s foremost investigative journalists and is not the sort to settle for #8220;no comment#8221;.

Cleaning up Dirty Harrys


From maid to empress

THE IMPERIAL MIND: The Fascinating and Deeply Strategic Mind of Empress Wu Zetian -- Reviews by SEE YEE AI.

From West to East

On Chichi Jima, the main island in the Ogasawara chain in Japan, dwells a community descended from sailors and swashbucklers from the West, MARK MAGNIER discovers.

So-called Eastern devils

THE myth of the oriental criminal has gone through several incarnations in British novels but there is still no revision for a misunderstood strangler, writes KEVIN RUSHBY.

A romp through the realm of romance

Romance seldom falls out of favour. HELENA LOH reviews three such novels.

'Kindly' and 'please'

MANY Malaysians and Singaporeans seem to use these two words interchangeably.

Torn from the family tree

Simon Tolkien, the grandson of J.R.R. Tolkien, has just written his first novel. Cut off from his #8216;literary inheritance#8217; by a family dispute, he talks to DAVID THOMAS of the pain this would have caused his loving grandfather.