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New pastry collection by Ladureé and Vera Wang

French patisserie Ladureé has teamed up with American fashion designer Vera Wang to launch a new collection of dramatic black and white-themed desserts inspired by Wang’s iconic bridal designs.

You can eat this crab, but it's not seafood

Local chefs partner global culinary talents and brands to show a more creative side of gourmet Singapore.

Legendary Bar Hemingway shares recipe for Serendipity cocktail

It's the soundtrack of summer- ice cubes clinking, effervescent bubbles popping and corks a-popping. To help jazz up your backyard barbecue, summer dinner party or Sunday brunch, Colin Field, who helms the historic Bar Hemingway at the Ritz Paris, shares the secrets to making the bar's signature cocktail, The Serendipity, a refreshing and sophisticated drink that marries the flavors of apple with mint, and coats the mouth with Champagne bubbles.

Free WiFi, gluten-free bread at this fast-food chain soon

Subway restaurants around the world are poised to undergo a major restaurant redesign that will include free Wifi access, USB charging ports and new decor inspired by fresh vegetables.

These batik-patterned cakes are almost too pretty to eat

They’re cake rolls filled with buttercream – and decked with traditional batik designs.

The MasterChef winner who ate her way around the world

MasterChef South Africa winner Kamini Pather explores food around the world on her television show Girl Eat World.

Spinach and friends (like people, some are fake!)

There’s a host of vegetables out there that we call spinach or cook as such, but aren’t actually even from the same family.

You can’t eat these burgers, but you can wear them

Japan's fake food are more appetising than the original and now, we can wear them.

A deliciously eclectic bookshelf

Picks for all kinds of foodies abound this month, from the chocolate-lover to the wanderlust-struck gourmand.

Sundubu – a Korean soup opera

The life-changing magic of sundubu is now captured in new Korean cookbooks and restaurants.