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Tried & Tested: Are K-beauty products worth the hype?

K-beauty essentials have been hailed for offering results. Here, we try out a few skincare products from K-beauty brands to see how well they stack up against their reputation.

Getting farm-iliar with Austria and Germany

Here are other things to see and savour in Salzburg, Austria and Innsbruck, Germany. 

Climate change is real – the famous Nile river is drying up

Climate change is drying up the Nile river and threatening to jeopardise crops in Egypt, the Arab world’s most populous country.

Big Smile, No Teeth: Now is the time for action against climate change

Why are there still debates about climate change? Why are we not actually already doing something concrete about the most pressing problem the world is facing, wonders Big Smile, No Teeth columnist Jason Godfrey.

Beer will get more expensive with climate change

Climate change is poised to make your favourite lager, ale or IPA more scarce and pricey.

Big Smile, No Teeth: 4 ways to survive a climate change crisis

Climate change isn’t an alien invasion we can sucker-punch. It's a giant asteroid headed straight for Earth and our deep impact date is 2040! But, Jason Godfrey has some ideas of how we can avoid total destruction by our own hands.

11 black rhinos died & no one knows who's to blame

The massive failure of the tanslocation exercise is just one sign of the beginning 'a very, very dark time for Kenya' and its wildlife.

Big Smile, No Teeth: Did you realise? We're living in a disaster movie

Having a heatwave everywhere in the world at the same time is not normal, it's the start of a disaster movie starring Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. This is not going anywhere good.

They don’t own homes or have kids; but they do have plants

Millennials, it seems, are plant addicts, responsible for reviving the drought-hit gardening and nursery sectors.