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All the pieces matter

Malaysia 2.0: Reimagining political parties

Have political parties become stale? How can redesigning parties and movements lead to a revitalised, fresher approach to making Malaysia better?


'River monster': Huge African dinosaur Spinosaurus thrived in the water

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The huge African predator ​Spinosaurus spent much of its life in the water, propelled by a paddle-like tail while hunting large fish - a "river monster," according to scientists, that showed that some dinosaurs invaded the aquatic realm.


Madagascar's prehistoric 'crazy beast' sheds light on mammalian evolution

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A prehistoric opossum-sized critter dubbed the "crazy beast" that inhabited Madagascar at the end of the age of dinosaurs is providing scientists insight into early mammalian evolution even as they scratch their heads over its bewildering anatomy.