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Google, Mercedes, Audi get California permits for self-driving cars

California issued its first 29 permits this week to three companies to test self-driving cars on public roads, state officials said on Thursday.


LG and Mercedes-Benz working on autonomous car technology

The two companies announced that they have formed a partnership in order to develop a next-generation camera system that can monitor the external environment and the driver's state.


Car of the future emerges at Las Vegas electronics show

It has four wheels, is always connected and the driver is optional: the car of the future is starting to take shape from collaboration between automakers and their technology partners.


Race to define car of the future shifts into high gear

Automakers and Silicon Valley upstarts are kicking their efforts to define the car of the future into a higher gear, even though many of the players disagree about what that car should be.


Self-driving cars could generate billions in revenue

Self-driving cars could generate billions of dollars a year in revenue from mobile Internet services and products, even if occupants spend only a fraction of their free time on the web, according to a new study by McKinsey & Company.


Silicon Valley debate on self-driving cars: Do you need a map?

The Silicon Valley race to build a self-driving car may revolve around one simple question: to map or not to map.


Google X boss says company should have curbed Glass hype

Google Inc was wrong to let expectations about its Glass wearable gadget get overheated, the head of the Google X research lab said.


Testing of software adds to urgency in race for driverless cars

In the race to build a self-driving car, German automakers are hitting a road block in their efforts to test vehicles so complex they need more than 10 times the amount of software found in a fighter jet.


Nissan pledges self-driving cars in Japan in 2016

The boss of Nissan wants to put self-driving cars on Japan's roads next year, and says they will be able to navigate busy urban environments on their own by 2020.


Self-driving cars hold key to future highway: Google exec

Self-driving vehicles hold the key to reducing traffic fatalities and will transform the automobile industry, a top Google executive predicted.