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Self-driving what? Autonomous cars remain a mystery to most Americans

For the majority of Americans, the biggest hurdle to adopting autonomous vehicles might not be safety concerns.


Tesla fatal crash is setback to autonomous cars

It could be a wakeup call for the self-driving car movement.


Five reasons experts think autonomous cars are many years away

Experts list five reasons why self-driving vehicles aren’t coming to your city anytime soon.


Group calls on US to speed up favourable regulations for autonomous cars

A group seeking to reduce US dependence on foreign oil called on policymakers to remove regulatory hurdles in order to accelerate the deployment of self-driving cars, as well as revise tax incentives to boost sales of less expensive electric vehicles.


Google’s autonomous cars to get their first real drivers

After almost a decade of research, Google's autonomous car project is close to becoming a real service.


Why autonomous cars will need to be more human than human to navigate the road ahead

How can a car with no one at the wheel give way to a cyclist at a junction or signal to another road user at the same intersection that it intends to go?


Slowing ourselves down: Autonomous cars speed up traffic, study shows

You might fancy yourself as a bit of racer, but researchers have found that the very fact that you're human means you're probably slowing down traffic.


Will autonomous cars be able to hold their own?

Or as the first truly self-driving vehicles become a consumer reality, will they be bullied into submission by other road users?


Human roadblock for Japanese firms developing autonomous cars

Japanese car manufacturers will have to convince the public that letting go of the wheel in a self-driving car is safe, while also dealing with the biggest threat to the cars’ security: the humans using them.


Autonomous cars need tougher batteries, says expert

TOKYO: Battery makers must rethink their technology if predictions for a wave of self-driving vehicles pan out, according to one of the inventors of the lithium-ion battery.