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American organist to perform recital in Kuching

KUCHING: American organist Janet Yieh will give a recital at St Thomas’ Cathedral here next week as part of her Asian concert tour, which will also see her performing in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

A public market for startups

SILICON Valley venture capitalists are looking to create a publicly traded fund with a single focus: investing in mature startups to provide them with a way to reach a wider group of investors while skipping some steps involved with an initial public offering (IPO).

Mobike cycles into London

A Bike-sharing scheme that could rival London’s so-called Boris bikes has been granted permission to operate in the British capital.

SoftBank’s tech fund rankles VCs as valuations soar

EARLIER this month, SoftBank led a US$502mil investment in a London-based virtual reality startup called Improbable Worlds. Less than two years ago, the startup was worth about US$100mil.

Writing it right in this digital age

Texting and tweeting may be the norm these days but good writing skills are still important.

China’s tech M&A sidelines global banks

WESTERN investment banks already have a healthy “Fear of Missing Out” on business in China. The country’s technology giants should sharpen that anxiety.

SMEBiz briefs

Finance professionals welcome the rise of artificial intelligence, automation and robots despite the fears ranging from job losses to doomsday scenarios.

Big data’s human failing

Big data is the new next big thing that everybody, from governments to banks and universities, are embracing. But what if mathematical models are not only entangled in the world’s problems, but fuelling many of them too? Cathy O’Neil’s book sounds a discordant note in the choir of big data.

Wal-Mart gulps down startups in Amazon chase

Wal-Mart may be the world’s largest brick-and-mortar retailer by quite a margin, but if the future is online, then it may be in trouble, hence its latest talks to acquire e-commerce startup


New fintechs hit the wall