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Reflecting On The Law

Proposals for parliamentary reforms

IN the post GE14 milieu, freedom is in the air and many citizens are demanding reforms to our system of governance. Out of the hundreds of proposals that have been submitted, some relate to improving the institutional efficacy of our elected legislature.

Reflecting On The Law

Basis for appointing the PM

The Constitution provides very little guidance for navigating the murky world of government formation.

Reflecting On The Law

Reforms to enlarge the electorate

FOR the 14th time in our nation’s history, the electorate will have the chance, on May 9, to participate in democracy’s greatest showcase event – the exercise by the people of their right to choose their govern­ment.

Reflecting On The Law

Constitution, courts and free speech

Some judges have already planted the seeds of human rights activism.

Reflecting On The Law

Malaysians, get to know your Constitution

A COLLEAGUE requested me to give a guest talk to her students on “Constitution, Law & Society”. I began by pointing out that as with all laws, the relationship between the constitution and society is one of interdependence. They shape each other in innumerable ways.

Reflecting On The Law

Towards a shared destiny

Under Tunku and the PMs after him, Malaysia has successfully used the economy to bind its people.

Reflecting On The Law

Restoring constitutional supremacy

The Federal Constitution’s core values are not words in the sand to be washed away by political tides.

Reflecting On The Law

Hearing the call of justice and acting on it

The Federal Court decision on the Indira Gandhi case provides much needed moral leadership.

Reflecting On The Law

The quest for gender equality

AT the 2018 Golden Globes Award on Jan 7, Oprah Winfrey, the respected American media personality, delivered a stirring call for “a new day” on the horizon for American women. Her speech made me reflect on the faltering quest for gender equality in our own constitutional democracy.

Reflecting On The Law

A vision of shared destiny

ONE of the sayings of Prophet Muhammad, as narrated by Muslim, is that “kindness is a mark of faith”. Indeed, all religions teach us to live serenely and selflessly in the midst of suffering.