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Denise Keller: From MTV Asia VJ to yoga teacher

Denise Keller was 12 when she first attended yoga classes. She was amazed at how the students – all “aunties” – were bendy and stretchy, and she was hooked!

How to breathe in a choking city

Delhi has terrible air pollution, especially during winter. But one company has an office building with air as fresh as the mountains, thanks to a combination of mechanical and plant filter systems.

Islamic Arts Museum's bookbinding exhibition steeped in faith and history

An illuminating exhibition on bookbinding at the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia tells of the religion’s history and evolution.

Bollywood actress Farida Jalal on why she accepted a role in a Malaysian film

The veteran actress shares her experience and advice for young actors.

Eat like the Indian royals used to

Qureshi offers a rich history weaved into its delectable Indian offerings.

Review: The Ministry Of Utmost Happiness

We waited 20 years for Arundhati Roy’s second work of fiction, and we are not disappointed.

Author Arundhati Roy releases second novel after 20 years

Arundhati Roy’s The Ministry Of Utmost Happiness is a political, poetic, satirical and controversial epic, the first output of fiction since The God Of Small Things.

Saffron, red gold of Spain

After a 50-year lull in production, Spanish saffron is back in favour, and now comes with a protected designation of origin label recognised by the EU.

Book review: Munnu: A Boy From Kashmir

Kashmir’s first graphic novel is based on the writer/artist’s own childhood. Rating: 8/10 kicker: Voices of the oppressed

Review: The Girl From Everywhere

Teenager Nix helps her father to time-travel back to when her mother was still alive. But there are many burning questions and challenges along the way.

Life Inspired has a chic new look

2020 is all about change, and Life Inspired did just that with a fresh makeover!

This month, we speak to 3 female icons about empowerment and more - read it for FREE this week.