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Science is telling us that we’re getting dumber

And so does all the fake news that keeps getting shared online, points out columnist Jason Godfrey.


12 most disappointing Hollywood films of 2016

Here are 12 of the biggest 2016 movie flops in Hollywood.


Movies that had their endings completely changed in Malaysia

Think Superstar’s Kabali getting tacked-on captions that changed the ending is a rare thing? Guess again.


IPW 2016: 'America is not a fortress'

The recent Orlando shootings and other global terror attacks should not stop people from travelling to the United States.


UPDATED: 'Mommy I love you" – text messages from a son to his mum during Orlando shooting

Heartbreaking and terrifying text messages were sent by a son to his mother during the Orlando shooting at a gay club in Florida, US. The massacre has been called "the worst mass shooting in US history".


UPDATED: Christina Grimmie from 'The Voice' shot and killed

Christina Grimmie a former participant on TV's The Voice has been shot after a concert. She died from her injuries.


‘Deadliest sniper’ Chris Kyle's widow tells of his gentler side

The world knows Chris Kyle as a deadly sniper. But his wife wants to tell the world that he was a lot of other things too.

Asia & Oceania

Travel Share: Kerala’s other charms

Reader Jaya Mary Asirvatham shares her experiences off the beaten path in Kerala, India.


Sean Penn is action hero again after 20 years

He plays one in ‘The Gunman’; the last time was in ‘The Interpreter’.


Words that resonate

When war is waged on city streets, our bookish columnist turns to books for comfort, of course.