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TECH 31 Mar 2016 | 12:33 AM

FBI's secret method of unlocking iPhone may never reach Apple

The FBI may be allowed to withhold information about how it broke into an iPhone belonging to a gunman in the December San Bernardino shootings.

TECH 26 Mar 2019 | 5:54 AM

Mosque attack streaming spurs planned law change in Australia

Australia is planning to introduce new criminal penalties for social media companies that undermine public safety, after platforms such as Facebook carried footage of the deadly terrorist attack in New Zealand that were live-streamed by the gunman.

TECH 18 Apr 2017 | 6:00 AM

National search launched for alleged US ‘Facebook killer’

US authorities launched a nationwide manhunt April 17 for a gunman who shot and killed an elderly man, and then posted a video of the seemingly random attack on Facebook.

TECH 06 Dec 2016 | 9:14 AM

US pizzeria attack underscores fake news dangers

An assault rifle-wielding gunman’s appearance at a Washington pizzeria that was falsely reported to house a paedophile ring has elevated worries over the unrelenting rise of fake news and malicious gossip on the Internet.

TECH 28 Jul 2016 | 1:26 AM

After mass shooting, German police focus on 'dark net' crime

German police will do more to fight crime committed on the "dark net", days after a gunman killed nine people with a weapon bought on that hidden part of the Internet.

TECH 31 Dec 2014 | 12:18 PM

US police struggle to uncover threats on social media

US law enforcement agencies are a long way from being able to effectively track threats of the kind a gunman posted on Instagram before his execution-style murder of two New York City policemen two weeks ago.

TECH 22 Dec 2014 | 10:35 AM

New York cop assassin telegraphed intentions on Instagram

Popular photo-sharing service Instagram took down the account of the man said to be behind the "assassination" of two New York City police officers, after the 28-year-old gunman's veiled threats and provocative messages went viral in the wake of the execution-style shootings.

TECH 23 Oct 2014 | 12:37 PM

Canadian MPs in lockdown tweet of terror fears, toilet line ups

Canadian lawmakers locked down inside parliament for up to 10 hours turned to Twitter to send messages to their friends and families letting them know they were safe albeit exhausted.